Natural Leather Cleaner Made From Plant Oils, Environmentally Friendly Multi Purpose Soap!

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Natural Leather Cleaner Made From Plant Oils, Environmentally Friendly Multi Purpose Soap!

Natural Leather Cleaner!

Safely clean leather, vinyl, wood, tile, painted surfaces, porcelain, and stainless steel with our non-detergent, non-aggressive, sulfate free, multi-purpose cleaner created from saponified plant oils and extracts. Specially formulated to clean grease and wax from painted surfaces without damaging. This liquid natural oil soap lifts and suspends dirt into solution to be rinsed or wiped away. For use on smooth surfaces. Not recommended for use on Suede.

After cleaning leather, restore natural oils with Obenauf’s Leather Oil or Heavy Duty LP.

Excellent for use on the smooth surfaces of:
• Boots

• Furniture

• Saddles & Tack

• Car & Boat seats

• Motorcycle’s & Accessories

• And Much More!