Five Thousand LB Electric Jack

5000lb Electric jack with ball screw design and brake motor(includes 7-way connector)
  • Ball screw design and brake motor increases the lift efficiency and reduces friction compared to the ACME screw.
  • Brake motor ensures automatic stop, prevents damage caused by hard stops and excessive pressure.
  • 18″ travel height, with 4.5″ adjustable drop leg for additional adjustment.
  • Extends up to 31.5″(27″+4.5″ drop leg), measured from ground to center of mounting point.
  • Water resistant motor and one-piece plastic housing.
  • Easy-to-use switch for raising and lowering trailer
  • Improved LED illumination for superior nighttime visibility
  • Plastic holder keeps your 7-way connector firmly in place
  • Quick plug-in 7-Way connector(Available with external white ground wire for direct grounding)
  • Oversize adjustable footpad provides excellent stability
  • Manual crank for emergency use