Fence Volt Indicator

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Fence Volt Indicator

Simple tool for testing whether there is sufficient power on the fence. Manufactured from tough and durable A.B.S. plastic.  Simple to read and simple to use the Fence Volt Indicator allows you to quickly test the fence line whenever you need to.

Unlike most other fence tester, the Gallagher Neon Tester doesn’t require any batteries. So it will work whenever you need it due to being powered by the electric fence line.

Simply push the probe into the ground and at the same time, hold the body of the tester against your fence wire, tape, rope etc. and check how many lights are flashing (in time with the pulses from your Energizer).

  1. light  = 1.0 kV – 1.8 kV
  2. lights = 1.9 kV – 2.5 kV
  3. lights = 2.6 kv – 3.8 kV
  4. lights = 3.9 kV – 4.8 kV
  5. lights = 4.9 kV or more

Ideally you will see 3 or more lights; if not the fence system should be checked.

  • Five highly visible neon indicator lights show approximate voltage readings.
    Excellent: Greater than 4800V
    Good: 3800-4800V
    Fair: 2500-3800V
    Poor: 1800-2500V
    Very poor: 1000 -1800V
    No lights: less than 1000V
  • Manufactured from tough and durable ABS plastic
  • Galvanized spring steel wire ground rod
  • Handy pocket clip