Calving Pen

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Calving Pen

Most user-friendly calving pen on the market. Cattlemen from all over the country say they would not be without our Sioux gold quality calving pen care center ever again.

Our highly-engineered heavy-duty framework consisting of 360° miter cut reinforcing corner members and 4×4 weld architecture make this the most popular pen on the market today. Gates/panels are made of 50,000 psi, 16 gauge, high-tensile steel tubing.

Sioux Steel’s calving pen fits well in just about any barn setup or working facility. Save the calf on that difficult heifer this year, you will see the results! Versatile and expandable, easily add a section later if you decide to expand the herd and create your own modular facility.


  • Connector clips slip into framework ends for easy assembly eliminating nuts and bolts.
  • The ratchet latch is easy to handle and assures solid control of the animal. It allows the squeeze gate to be tightened in increments. When locked it stays locked. Overhead rope gives quick, safe release.
  • All sides contain an in-and-out swing gate and latch for easy access by any direction.
  • The squeeze gate tightens against outside panel to hold animal secure and swings completely out of the way. Tightens against outside panel to hold animal secure and swings completely out of the way. It also converts to a 10’x10’ pen for treating and holding sick or injured animals.
  • 1/4 of the outside and inside panels flip up and locks tight to provide open area on the outside of the pen for nursing, birthing, or veterinarian tasks.
  • Optional steel mat is 2’ wide by 8’ long. While animals stand with their feet on the mat, the floor anchor mat does not allow the head gate or the pen to be pushed out of position.
  • Head gate is purchased separately.