Battery Fence Energizer B-Ten

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Battery Fence Energizer B10

The B10 powers 4 miles / 20 acres of clean fence and is very easy to use and install. This small energizer uses 6 ‘D’ Cell batteries.  It is an ideal Energizer for gardeners and those wishing to protect shrubs, young trees, small plots and landscapes from wildlife and domestic animals.

Clean Fence:4 miles / 20 acres​
Typical Fence:​0.6 miles​ / 6 acres

0.08 Stored Joules​​​​

  • Fully modular
  • Clips on to Gallagher Poly Wire, Poly Tape or galvanized wire
  • Built-in fence pulse indicator light flashes at each pulse
  • Pulse rate slows to conserve battery life as batteries run down
  • Batteries: 6 Super Heavy Duty Long Life ‘D’ Cell. Battery life: up to 3 months with the latest generation alkaline batteries