We have a Large variety of calving supplies to fit your needs! Stop in and check us out!

Pro Shot II
Premium Band Castrator
Economy Band Castrator
Castration Bands
Whites-Style Emasculator 9″
Whites-Style Emasculator 12″
OB Handle
OB Chain 30, 45, 60 in
OB Strap 30″
OB Strap 60″
OB Wire
OB Wire Handles
Bailing Gun
Ear Notcher V Type M
Ear Notcher V Type S
Utility Scissors
Orange Livestock Markers
Pink Livestock Markers
Nylon Syringe With Drench Tip
Bull Lead With Chain
Y-Tex All American 2-Piece Ear Tag System
Y-Tex All American 2-Piece Ear Tag System
Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus Applicator
Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Compact Applicator
Y-Tex Lone Star EZ 1-Piece Ear Tag System
Y-Tex Lone Star EZ Applicator
Y-Tex Black Ear Tag Marking Ink
Y-Tex Black Ink  Ear Tag Marker
Y-Tex Ear Tag Removal Knife For 2-Piece Ear Tags