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Pro Shot II 50CC Pistol Grip Syringe With Plastic Grip and Plastic Barrel
Premium Band Castrator
Economy Band Castrator
Castration Bands
Whites-Style Emasculator 9″
Whites-Style Emasculator 12″
OB Handle
OB Chain 30, 45, 60 in
OB Strap 30″
OB Strap 60″
OB Wire
OB Wire Handles
Bailing Gun
Ear Notcher V Type M
Ear Notcher V Type S
Utility Scissors
Orange Livestock Markers
Pink Livestock Markers
Nylon Syringe With Drench Tip
Bull Lead With Chain
Y-Tex All American 2-Piece Ear Tag System

Comes In All Colors!

2 1/2″ width

Y-Tex All American 2-Piece Ear Tag System

Comes In All Colors!

3 1/4″ Width

Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Plus Applicator

For Application Of All Y-Tex 2-Piece Tags

  • Ultra Durable
  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Fast
Y-Tex Ultra Tagger Compact Applicator

For Application Of All Y-Tex 2-Piece Tags

  • Rugged
  • Quick Release
  • Fast Application
Y-Tex Lone Star EZ 1-Piece Ear Tag System

We Have Orange, Yellow, And White Colors In Stock

2 1/2″ Width

Y-Tex Lone Star EZ Applicator

Designed For Exclusive Use With Lone Star EZ One Piece Tags

  • Easy To Load
  • Easy Application
  • Easy On The Ear
Y-Tex Black Ear Tag Marking Ink
Y-Tex Black Ink  Ear Tag Marker
Y-Tex Ear Tag Removal Knife For 2-Piece Ear Tags

Sioux Steel’s Open Bottom Hay Feeder features rounded 9″ x 20″ mud legs. Add the optional polyethylene kick shield to limit feed waste.

Hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing and powder coated. 8′ diameter with slant bars. 3 sections bolted together.


Handles big and small animals like bulls and cows. Allows for comfortable feeding 8.5” under the top rung. Tapered top diameter limits waste but still accepts most bale sizes.

Hay shield keeps feed in and calves out. Smooth fit on kick shield for safety. Hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing and powder coated.

3 sections bolted together. 2″ frame and 1.66″ slant bars.

Closed Bottom Hay Max Feeder

With 15 feed openings, the Closed Bottom Hay Max is the perfect solution for feeding livestock and getting the most out of your hay bales. The 2″ frame with 1.66″ slant bars accommodates large round bales and allows cattle easy access to feed. Hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing and powder coated. 3 piece assembly.


Most user-friendly calving pen on the market! Cattlemen from all over the country say they would not be without our Sioux gold quality calving pen care center ever again.

Sioux Steel’s calving pen fits well in just about any barn setup or working facility. Save the calf on that difficult heifer this year, you will see the results! Versatile and expandable, easily add a section later if you decide to expand the herd and create your own modular facility.

All sides contain an in-and-out swing gate and latch for easy access by any direction. Easy assembly connector clips eliminates nuts and bolts.


The self catching, Automatic Head Gate has a spring cushion and is mounted on squeeze chutes to reduce impact when the animal runs into the head gate. Left or right handed operation.

Quickly and easily adjusted automatic, self-catch head gate. When a cow goes through, the head gate resets itself automatically. Head gate is adjustable from 4” to 10.5”.

  • Heavy-duty Z-bar vertical braces.
  • 62″ tall, 7 bars, rounded tops.
  • Prairie gold powder coating.
  • Patented t-slot latch and 36″ chain.
  • 16 gauge, 50,000 PSI structural steel tubing

Sioux Steel’s Ground Mineral Feeder is 15” high and 38” wide.

3 compartments allow for 200 lbs. of mineral. Feeder can be anchored in 3 different locations for added stability. The low profile virtually eliminates tipping or spilling.

  • Single flap top promotes longer usage.
  • Made with high quality polyethylene.
  • The heaviest ground feeder available.

Sioux Steel’s Upright Mineral Feeder has a 28” x 24” beveled hood opening. Full 360° rotation protects expensive supplements from the elements. Tank constructed of polyethylene to eliminate rust.


The 10′ Feed Bunk is shipped completely assembled and holds 1/2 ton of feed for livestock. Hay rack is optional.

  • Round deep dish hopper.
  • Rounded skid legs.
  • 18 gauge, 50,000 psi liner.
  • Heavy 16 gauge, 50,000 psi steel tubing.

Stands up to dairy, feedlot and pasture use. Welded into one piece. Lip rolled to the outside means no feed build up, fresher feed and no mold. Formed so bunks can be set end-to-end or stacked for storage.